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  • Derek McKenzie

Brain Awareness Week & NEUROPA - a new era for brain therapy - 1/3

NEUROPA is pioneering the new field of phytoptogenetics. Here we showcase some of the achievements in the first period of the project from the photonics team at Aston University led by Edik Rafailov.

Optimal parameters for 2P laser conversion of Bacterial Phytochrome

NEUROPA reported on the optimal parameters for 2P conversion of Bacterial Phytochrome. The highest amount of active phytochrome generated by 2P conversion with ~50 fs laser pulse width at a repetition rate of ~1 kHz, and optical power in the range of 5 – 50 mW (peak power ~235 MW) was observed at wavelengths of 1190 nm and 1250 nm.

Advanced modality for phytoptogenetics

Two-photon laser conversion of the bacterial phytochrome with ultra-short-pulsed (USP) laser of 1100-1300 nm wavelength range enables improved penetration through skull and bone. Taken together these two features establish a novel modality for the specific, non-invasive brain theranostic concept of NEUROPA.

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